Koolertron One Handed Macro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Programmable Keypad, Rotating Knob 45 Keys for Windows PC Gamers-Transparent/Red Switches/Pink LED

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Koolertron One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard is perfect for Windows PC Gamers. This portable mechanical gaming keypad has Blue/Pink LED Backlit as well as Red/Blue Switches to choose from, while equipped with a Rotating Knob and Fully Programmable 45 Keys.


  • 【Updated Function】The rotating knob is not only normal rotation left and right, but also can be used as other keys when you press it. Programmable with a rotating knob. The left and right rotation can be infinitely rotated, making it easy for you to set up and down the volume, switch between previous/next music, increase or decrease light brightness, switch between light modes, and forward and backward pages.
  • 【All 45 Key Programmable】Exclusive soft and allows you to program all keys. Customize to fit your environment Besides the normal 104 keys, you can set 8 web navigation buttons, 8 multimedia shortcuts, keyboard locks, windows lock, etc
  • 【24 Macro Keys】12 normal macro keys and 12 macro keys with delay function The macro function also supports up to 792 key commands.It simplifies creative and complex editing tasks such as video and publishing,and greatly increases your work efficiency.Office software shortcuts such as Word/Excel,CAD,Adobe Ae/Pr/Ps software shortcuts and games quick tricks and programming. For example, you can set it and press it on the specific key to "ctrl + a 0.5s ctrl+c 0.5s ctrl+v"to operate this operation.
  • 【4-Layer Configuration】The contents of the program are stored in the built-in MCU (small CPU). 4 types of settings can be stored, so you can use them according to the situation. The settings are stored in the main unit, so you don't have to worry about resetting the keyboard every time you change the computer. Not only for gamers, but also for designers and video creators.
  • 【Blue/Pink LED Backlight】Black/Transparent mechanical gaming keyboard with blue and pink LED light to choose from. The matches give off a cool image and the cool voy and gull. You can adjust or turn off the brightness of the backlight. Very clear and bright to see your keys clearly. You can enjoy it in the dark night without a lamp.
  • 【Supports iPad】According to the Apple official site,1.iPad Pro 11 inch (1st generation)/later; 2. iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3rd generation)/later;3.iPad Air (4th generation) and later.This 3 iPad types can be connected to a keyboard (docking station required).The small and portable one-handed mechanical keyboard can be used on your iPad.You can also use it for drawing and office software. (For more details, please refer to the "Product Description").
    Caution:The keyboard can not be installed in the MAC system,but it can be used with MAC after setting it on a Windows PC,so please refrain from using if you only have MAC.

User Guide

1. Please download the keyboard's configuration software according to the URL on the manual

2. After opening the software, when you need to use the "Key Mapper / Custom Macro / Quick Macro / Options " function, you need to click the "Connect" in the top-left to connect the keypad. Once set up, you need to click the "Upload" to save. Otherwise all settings are invalid.

3. It is recommended to use "Key action tracking", which is the key action tracking function. After checking "Key action tracking", press any key on the keyboard or turn the knob, the software will mark the position of this key in the software, which is convenient for direct comparison. Customize them

Normal / FN / FN2 /FN3 4-Layer Configuration

1. You can set up Normal / FN / FN2 / FN3 4-layer configuration. Once set up, the 45-keys keypad will be converted into more keypad.

2. You need to set a shortcut key of the FN layer in the Normal layer, When you need to enter a key on the FN layer, you need to press and hold the FN key on the normal layer, and then press the key of the FN layer that you want to enter. (The other FN2/FN3 layers are the same method, and the FN2/FN3 has a toggle button, only need to press once to switch to the FN2/FN3 layer, needn't to hold it down when using)

Custom Advanced Macro
You can set up 12 advanced macros (with time delay) and 12 quick macros (without time delay). Each macro can record up to 42 characters. A total of 24 macros can be cascaded or cycled. Such as: office/wps and other office software shortcuts, CAD/Ae/Pr/Ps shortcuts, various user accounts and passwords, game quick tricks, basic code for programmers


Key number: 45

Keyboard switch: OEM Outemu blue/red switches

Shell material: High-quality plexiglass

Backlit: Pink/Blue LED

4-layer profiles stored onboard

Keyboard Interface: USB Type-C

Rating: DC 5V, <100mA

1.5M detachable USB cable

Compatible with Windows XP,7,8,10, Mac OS

What's Included

1 x One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard

1 x USB Cable

1 x Keycaos Puller

1 x User Manual

More Information
Brand Koolertron
Weight (kgs) 0.600000
Connectivity USB-C
Number of Keys 45
Color Transparent/Red Switches/Pink LED
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