Koolertron AMAG48: Programmable 48-Key Mechanical One-Handed Keyboard - Elevate Your Gaming, Work, and Creative Prowess-Black/Red Switches/Blue LED

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  • Fully Programmable Keys

  • Advanced Macro Functionality

  • Four-layer Custom Configurations

  • Backlighting

  • Mouse Functionality

  • Combination Keys

Introducing the Koolertron AMAG48 Keyboard, a revolutionary one-handed mechanical keyboard designed to elevate your productivity and gaming experience to new heights.

Key Features:

1. Fully Programmable Keys: With all 48 keys programmable, unleash your creativity and tailor each key to your specific needs. Customize functions ranging from standard 104-key layouts, web navigation, multimedia shortcuts, to keyboard and Windows locks. Connect both the one-handed keyboard and a standard 104-key keyboard to the same computer without interference.

2. Advanced Macro Functionality: Elevate your efficiency with 16 advanced macro keys. Create intricate macros with up to 349 key commands, including delays, to streamline tasks such as Office applications, CAD software, video editing, gaming tactics, and basic programming. For instance, set a button to execute a series of commands like "Ctrl + A 0.5s Ctrl + C 0.5s Ctrl + V".

3. Four-layer Custom Configurations: Store your keyboard layouts directly on the onboard MCU without the need for resets or computer changes. With four customizable layers, adapt to various usage scenarios seamlessly. Ideal not only for gamers but also for designers and video editors.

4. Backlighting: Immerse yourself in vibrant RGB backlighting with customizable effects. Adjust brightness and saturation to match your preferred color scheme. Enjoy crisp, illuminated buttons even in the darkest of nights or disable backlighting for a subdued ambiance.

5. Mouse Functionality: Explore newfound versatility with mouse functionality, enabling cursor movement, clicks, and scrolling control via keyboard keys.

6. Combination Keys: Enhance your workflow with 36 programmable combination keys, including "shift+", "alt+", "ctrl+", and "win+" combinations.


- Key Quantity: 48
- Keyboard Switch: OEM Red Switch
- Casing Material: High-quality Organic Glass
- Backlight:Blue LED
- Onboard 4-layer Profiles
- Keyboard Interface: USB Type-C
- Rated Voltage: DC 5V, <100mA
- 1.5m Detachable USB Cable
- Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS

Package Contents:

- 1 x One-handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard
- 1 x USB Cable
- 1 x Keycap Puller
- 1 x User Manual

Elevate your gaming, professional, and creative endeavors with the Koolertron AMAG48 Keyboard, where innovation meets functionality.

More Information
Brand Koolertron
Weight (kgs) 0.700000
Connectivity Type-C
Number of Keys 48
Color Black/Red Switches/Blue LED
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