Koolertron DDS Signal Generator Counter, 2" Screen Display 25MHz High Precision Dual-Channel Arbitray Waveform Generator Frequency Meter 200MSa/s (GH-CJDS66-HB)

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  • Arbitray Waveform Generator adopts large scale FPGA integrated circuit and high speed MCU microprocessor. The internal circuit adopts active crystal oscillator as benchmark. So the signal stability is greatly strengthened.
  • Using Dual-channel DDS signal and TTL electric level output to generate precise, stable, low distortion output signal. includes Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave, Saw tooth wave, TTL, user-defined waveform etc. each channel can be independently set the parameters.
  • With linear sweep(Max. up to 999.9s) and logarithmic frequency sweep functions.Has a frequency measurement, period measurement, positive and negative pulse width measurement and counting function.
  • Storage feature: You can store 10 groups instrument state parameters set by the user, can be called up to Reproduce. Frequency output of Sine wave can be up to 25MHz. 200MSa/s sampling rate. It has 16 positions for saving user-defined waveform. Waveform Length of each one is 2048 and vertical resolution is 12 bits
  • This instrument signal generation, waveform scanning, as well as the use of parameter measurement has great advantages, is an electronic engineer, electronic laboratories, production lines and teaching, research and the ideal test, measurement equipment.

Instrument Characteristics:

1、Direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, FPGA design, low power consumption;

2、Dual output, can work in sync phase adjustable;

3、It has up to 999 seconds of linear and logarithmic sweep function Sweep;

4、With a sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, sawtooth rise, falling sawtooth waveform basic function and variable duty cycle pulse wave, but also has 16 sets of arbitrary waveform customized by the user;

5、A total of 10 sets of parameters stored bits have M0 ~ M9, M0 boot automatically transferred out of data;

6、At 12MHz or less, the sharpest of up to 20Vp-p, more than 12MHz, the biggest reach 15Vp-p;

7、Built precision -20dB attenuator reach the minimum amplitude resolution 1mV;

8、With a 120% ~ + 120% DC bias function;

9、Pulse Duty precise adjustment to 0.1%;

10、Having four variable phase difference of TTL output;

11、Having a frequency measurement, period measurement, positive and negative pulse width measurement, duty cycle measurements and counting function;

12、Four optional gate frequency measurement time, which strike a balance between speed and accuracy;

13、All parametric equalizer can be done by an internal calibration procedure;

14、Powerful communications features, completely open communication protocol that allows the secondary development of very simple;

15、After connecting with the PC, the PC can be used to control the instrument, and can be edited on the PC arbitrary waveform output waveform is downloaded to the instrument.

16、This type machine can be equipped with an increase in power module, the signal output amplitude reaches 30Vpp, the maximum output current reaches 1A

Technical indicators:

Output modulation: Frequency sweep

Waveform types: Sine, square, triangle, sawtooth lift, TTL digital signal wave, Arb

Waveform Length: 2048 Point

Sampling rate: 200MSa/s

Waveform amplitude resolution: 12 bits

The minimum frequency resolution: 10mHz

Frequency error: ±5×10-6

Frequency stability: ±1×10-6

Amplitude range (peak to peak): 5mVp-p~20Vp-p(12MHz or less)

5mVp-p~15Vp-p(12MHz above):

Output Impedance: 50Ω±10%

Amplitude resolution: 1mVp-p(-20dBAttenuation)

10mVp-p(Does not decay)

Amplitude stability: ±0.5%(Every five hours)

Amplitude error: ± 1%+10mV(Frequency1KHz,15 Vp-p)

Offset Range: -120%~+120%(The ratio of the bias voltage and signal amplitude)

Bias Resolution: 1%

Phase range: 0~359°

Phase resolution: 1°

Sine wave:

Harmonic arrived System: 40dBc(<1MHz) ,35dBc(1MHz~20MHz)


Square wave:

Lifting along time≤20ns

Overshoot ≤10%

Duty cycle adjustment range: 0%~99.9%


Lifting along time ≤20ns

LOW <0.3V

High: 1V~10V

Arbitrary Waveform:

Quantity: 16 groups

Memory depth / group: 1KB / 16 group


Scan Mode: Linear sweep, log sweep

Scan time: 1S~999S

Scan range: It is determined by the sweep parameter settings

Input voltage range: 0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p

Counting range: 0~4294967295

Counting: Manually

Positive and negative pulse width measurement: 10ns resolution, the maximum measurable: 10s

Periodic measurements: 20ns resolution, the maximum measurable: 20s

Duty Cycle Measurement: 0.1% resolution, measuring range from 0.1% to 99.9%

Source Selection: 1.Ext.IN input (AC signal), 2.TTL_IN input (digital signal)


Memory: 10

Location: M0-M9


Interface: Using USB to serial interfaces

Communication rate: 57600bps

Protocol Using the command line, the agreement public

DC : DC 5V

Length × width × height: 180×190×71mm

Package includes:

1* Signal Generator

1* Power Adapter

1* USB cable

2* Signal connection cable

1* User Manual

1* Optical disc

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Brand Koolertron
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Maximum Frequency 25MHz
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